Kuwait Amir Cup

Details and History of the Competition:

This event is regarded the most costly in Kuwait since it allows participants to shake hands with His Highness the Emir of the nation on an annual basis. The event was started informally in the 1950s by school teams, unofficial clubs, and certain foreign corporations who donated to this competition.

The competition was held informally until 1958, when a decision was made to disband the old clubs and establish suitable conditions for new clubs to open under new names instead of the old ones.

His Highness the Emir of the nation started the first formal championship in 1962, and the competition has continued to this day, with the first teams meeting His Highness (Amir) following the completion of each season.

The event has been in existence since 1962 and continues to this day.

Details and History of the competition:
1961/1962Al Arabi
1962/1963Al Arabi
1963/1964Al Arabi
1964/1965Qadsia SC
1965/1966Al Arabi
1966/1967Qadsia SC
1967/1968Qadsia SC
1968/1969Al Arabi
1969/1970Al Yarmouk
1970/1971Al Arabi
1971/1972Qadsia SC
1972/1973Al Yarmouk
1973/1974Qadsia SC
1974/1975Qadsia SC
1975/1976Kuwait SC
1976/1977Kuwait SC
1977/1978Kuwait SC
1978/1979Qadsia SC
1979/1980Kuwait SC
1980/1981Al Arabi
1981/1982Kazma SC
1982/1983Al Arabi
1983/1984Kazma SC
1984/1985Kuwait SC
1985/1986Al Fahaheel
1986/1987Kuwait SC
1987/1988Kuwait SC
1988/1989Qadsia SC
1989/1990Kazma SC
1990/1991Suspended due to Gulf War
1991/1992Al Arabi
1992/1993Al-Salmiya SC
1993/1994Qadsia SC
1994/1995Kazma SC
1995/1996Al Arabi
1996/1997Kazma SC
1997/1998Kazma SC
1998/1999Al Arabi
1999/2000Al Arabi
2000/2001Al-Salmiya SC
2001/2002Kuwait SC
2002/2003Qadsia SC
2003/2004Qadsia SC
2004/2005Al Arabi
2005/2006Al Arabi
2006/2007Qadsia SC
2007/2008Al Arabi
2008/2009Kuwait SC
2009/2010Qadsia SC
2010/2011Kazma SC
2011/2012Qadsia SC
2012/2013Qadsia SC
2013/2014Kuwait SC
2014/2015Qadsia SC
2015/2016Kuwait SC
2016/2017Kuwait SC
2017/2018Kuwait SC
2018/2019Kuwait SC
2019/2020Al Arabi
2020/2021Kuwait SC
2021/2022Kazma SC
Performance by Club since 1963

Winners since 1962: 

  • Qadsia SC: 16 times.
  • Al-Arabi SC: 16 times.

  • Kuwait SC: 14 times
  • Kazma SC : 8 times.

  • Salmiya SC: twice.

  • Al Yarmouk SC : twice.

  • Fahaheel SC :  Once

Winners of the third place since 1974: 

  • Al-Arabi SC: 9 times.
  • Kazma SC : 8 times.
  • Al-Salmiya SC: 6 times.
  • Qadsia SC: 5 times.
  • ElTadhamoun SC: 4 times.
  • Al-Jahra SC: 4times.
  • Kuwait SC: 3 times.
  • ElNasr SC : 5 times
  • Fahaheel SC .: 3 times 
  • Al Yarmouk SC : twice 
  • Kheitan : twice
  • Al Sahel SC: Once
  • Al-Sulaibikhat SC : Once
  • Burgan SC : Once 

Winners of the second place since 1962: 

  • Al-Arabi SC: 12 times.
  • Kuwait SC: 11 times.
  • Kazma SC: 10 times.
  • Qadsia SC: 10 times.
  • Salmiya SC: 8 times.
  • ElTadhamoun SC: 4 times.
  • Al-Jahra SC: 3 times.
  • ElOsoul SC once
  • Al Sahel SC: Once

Teams made final appearance in Kuwait Amir Cup since 1962: 

  • Al-Arabi SC reached the final 28 times
  • Qadsia SC reached the final 25 times.
  • Kuwait SC reached the final 76 times.
  • Kazma SC reached Nawali 18 times.
  • Salmiya SC has reached the final 10 times
  • Al Yarmouk SC reached the final 3 times.
  • Fahaheel SC reached the final once
  • Sports Learning Club has reached the final 4 times
  • Al-Dawwara SC reached  3 times.
  • Al Sahel SC reached the final once
Winners of Kuwait Amir Cup since 1962:
  •  Kuwait SC won Kuwait Amir Cup three times (1976-1977-1978) + (1980-1985-1987-1988) + (15/16 – 16/17 – 17/18).
  • Al-Arabi SC won Kuwait Amir Cup twice (1962-1963-1964) + (1999-2000-2005-2006).
  • Qadsia SC won Kuwait Amir Cup twice (1965-1967-1968-1972) + (2007 – 2010 – 2012 – 2013).
  • Kazma Sports Club won Kuwait Amir Cup once (1990-1995-1997-1998).
  • Kuwait Amir Cup in the 2006/2007 season was an exception. Qadsia SC won the cup despite only winning it once owing to a lack of a cup worthy of the scale of the competition and a lack of time, which left Kuwait Football Federation in an embarrassing situation, as it had been at the start of the Prince Cup competitions.
  • Competition of Kuwait Amir Cup was not held in the 1990/1991 season due to the brutal Iraqi invasion of the State of Kuwait.
The detailed record of Kuwait Amir Cups and the winners:
  •  The first cup was won by Al Arabi SC 3 times.
  • The second cup was won by Qadsia 4 times, Al-Arabi 3 times, and Al-Yarmouk once.
  • The third cup was won by Al-Yarmouk once, Qadsia twice, and Al-Kuwait 3 times.
  • The fourth cup was won by Qadsia once, Al-Kuwait 4 times, Al-Arabi and Kazma twice, and Fahaheel once.
  • The Fifth Cup was won by Qadsia twice, Kazma four times, Al-Arabi twice, and Al-Salmiya once.
  • – The sixth cup won by Al-Arabi 4 times, Al-Salmiya and Al-Kuwait once, Qadsia twice.
  • The exceptional cup in the 2006/2007 season was owned by Qadsia because there was no cup worthy of the size of the tournament.
  • The seventh cup was won by Al-Arabi once, Al-Kuwait once, Qadsia 4 times and Kazma once.
  • The eighth cup won by Kuwait SC three times, Qadsia SC won once.
  • The Ninth Cup won by Kuwait SC in the 18-19 and 2020-2021 seasons, Al-Arabi Club 19-20 and Kazma Club 2021-2022.
Kuwait princes who attended Kuwait Amir Cup since 1961/1962:
  • Sheikh / Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, may God have mercy on him, from 1962 until 1965.
  •  Sheikh / Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, may God have mercy on him, from 1966 until 1977.
  • Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, may God have mercy on him, from 1978 until 2005.
  • Sheikh / Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah from 2006 until 2020.
  • Sheikh / Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah from 2021 until now.
  • The first goal in the Emir’s Cup was Qadsia SC player Khalifa Al-Shatti “Al-Hamr” against the Oil Affairs team, and the last goal was Kuwait SC player Bader Al-Mutawa against the Kuwait SC.
  • The match in which he scored the most goals in the history of the Emir Cup was the match between Al Arabi and the Police, which ended for Al Arabi 7-5.
  • The greatest result recorded in the history of Kuwait Amir Cup was the victory of Qadsia over ElShohdaa (presently “Al-Jahra”), with a score of 9-0.
  • The players who scored the most goals in one match are Qadsia players Khalifa Al-Shatti “Al-Hamr” and Muhammad Al-Masoud, where Al-Shatti scored five goals against the Oil Affairs team in the 1961/1962 season, and Al-Masoud scored five goals against the “Al-Jahra” ElShohdaa team in the season of 1970/1971.
  • The first match in the history of the Emir Cup tournaments, in which the penalty kick system was applied, was the match between Al-Arabi SC and Qadsia SC in the 1970/1971 season in the semi-finals, and it ended in favor of Al-Arabi (5 3).
  •  The first top scorer in the history of the Emir’s Cup tournaments among Kuwaiti players is Qadsia club player Khalifa Al-Shatti “Al-Hamr”, and among the non-Kuwaiti players is the Iranian Ali Weiss, player of the Al-Ahmadi team.
  •  The player who has won the top scorer title in the cup is the terrifying Jassem Yaqoub, who has achieved the top scorer title four times.
  •  The fastest goal scored in the history of the Amir Cup tournaments was scored by Al-Arabi SC defender Haitham Bahrouh against Kazma Club in the 1999/2000 season in the quarter-finals. Bahrouh scored the goal after only 37 seconds from the start of the match.
  •  The Emir Cup 2007/2008 final was not completed after the first half ended with a 1-1 tie between Al-Arabi and Al-Salmiya due to the announcement of the death of the Father Emir Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah. The canceled final, Faraj Lahib for Salmiya and Ali Maqsed for Al Arabi
  •  The first referee to referee a final match in the Emir’s Cup is Mr. Ahmed Muhanna, and the last referee to referee a final match is Mr. Ali Mahmoud.
  •  The owner of the first goal in the history of the Amir Cup finals is Qadsia Club player Khalifa Al-Shatti “Al-Hamr” against Al-Arabi Club, and the owner of the last goal is Qadsia Club player Bader Al-Mutawa against Al-Kuwait Club.
  •  So far, 55 final matches have been staged under the name Kuwait Amir Cup, His Highness, with 46 of them ending in the original time, just one match ending with the golden goal, and eight matches determined by penalties kicks.
Goals Scored in Kuwait Amir Cup finals: