SubtitleThe Kuwait Football Association Committees


Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Al Shaheen

Chairman of the Board of
Directors of the Federation
{Chairman of the Committee}


Hayef Hussein Al-Mutairi

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Directors for Technical Affairs
{Vice Chairman of the Committee}
3Mr. Jamal Mohammed Al-OtaibiBoard member Committee
4Dr. Mansour Mohammed BashaBoard member Committee
1Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Al ShaheenChairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation {Chairman of the Committee}
2Mr. Ahmed Oqla Al-AnziVice Chairman of the Committee
3Mr. Abdulaziz Mohammed Al-SamhanCommittee Member
4Mrs. Fatima Masoud HayatCommittee Member
4Salem Saadoun Al-RashidiCommittee Member
5Sabih Jassim AbleCommittee Member
6Fahad Khaled Al-MutairiCommittee Member
1Lawyer/ Nawaf Al-HazaaChairman of the Disciplinary Committee
2Lawyer/ Khaled Jamal Al-ZamilVice Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee
3Lawyer / Turki Mishaal Al-DhafiriCommittee Member
4Nawaf Mosaed BakhitCommittee Member
5Turki Abdullah Muhammad IbrahimCommittee Member
1Mr. Khaled Al-JalalChairman of the Appeal Committee
2Mohammed Al-AnjariCommittee Member
3Mr. Bader Al-BaderCommittee Member
1Mr. Allen SnowdyChairman of the Committee
2Mr. Saad KamilVice Chairman of the Committee for Technical Affairs
3Mr./ Dr. Ghanem Al-SahliVice Chairman of the Committee for Administrative & Financial Affairs
4Mr. Muhammad Al-HaddadCommittee Member
5Farah BoodyCommittee Member