Arabian Gulf Cup

Organizing Countries and Golden Record:
the year Organizing country Hero runner-up
2018  Kuwait   Sultanate of Oman   The United Arab Emirates
2014  Saudi Arabia  Diameter  Saudi Arabia
2013  the two seas  The United Arab Emirates  Iraq
2010  To whom  Kuwait  Saudi Arabia
2009  Sultanate of Oman  Sultanate of Oman  Saudi Arabia
2007  The United Arab Emirates  The United Arab Emirates  Sultanate of Oman
2004  Diameter  Diameter  Sultanate of Oman
2003  Kuwait  Saudi Arabia  the two seas
2002  Saudi Arabia  Saudi Arabia  Diameter
1998  the two seas  Kuwait  Saudi Arabia
1996  Sultanate of Oman  Kuwait  Diameter
1994  The United Arab Emirates  Saudi Arabia  The United Arab Emirates
1992  Diameter  Diameter  the two seas
1990  Kuwait  Kuwait  Iraq
1988  Saudi Arabia  Iraq  The United Arab Emirates
1986  the two seas  Kuwait  The United Arab Emirates
1984  Sultanate of Oman  Iraq  Diameter
1982  The United Arab Emirates  Kuwait  the two seas
1979  Iraq  Iraq  Kuwait
1976  Diameter  Kuwait  Iraq
1974  Kuwait  Kuwait  Saudi Arabia
1972  Saudi Arabia  Kuwait  Saudi Arabia
1970  the two seas  Kuwait  the two seas
Tournament top scorer :
Center player number of goals
1 Kuwait Jassim Yacoub 18 goals

IraqH ussein Saeed

Saudi Arabia Majed abdullah

17 goals

Kuwait Jassim Al-Huwaidi

Kuwait Faisal Al Dakhil

14 goals
4 Diameter Mansour Moftah 13 goals

Kuwait Youssef Sweid

Kuwait Bader Al Mutawa

12 goals

The United Arab Emirates Fahad Khamis

Diameter Mahmoud Sofi

10 goals

The United Arab Emirates Adnan Al-Talyani

Kuwait on public

the two seas Talal Youssef

Saudi Arabia Yasser Al Qahtani

10 goals

Kuwait Hamad Buhamad

Saudi Arabia happy mentioned

Diameter Adel Khamis

Iraq Falah Hassan

Saudi Arabia Mohammed Al-Mughnim

Sultanate of Oman Emad alhosny

8 goals
9 The United Arab Emirates Ali Mabkhout 7 goals

the two seas Ibrahim Zuweid

The United Arab Emirates Zuhair Bakhit

Sultanate of Oman Hani the officer

the two seas Alaa Hubail

The United Arab Emirates Ismail Matar

Diameter Mubarak Mustafa

6 goals
Kuwait coaches at Gulf tournaments
Ser. session Name and nationality Image
1 first session Taha El-Toukhy (Egypt)
2 Second period Bruche (Yusalavi)
3 Third session Bruche (Yusalavi)
4 Fourth session Mario Zagallo (Brazil)
5 Fifth session Carlos Alberto (Brazil)
6 Sixth session Cherol (Brazil)
7 Seventh session Jose Roberto (Brazil)
8 Eighth session Saleh Zakaria (Kuwait)
9 ninth session George Armstrong (English)
10 sessiontenth  Luis Flip (Brazil)
11 sessioneleven  Paulo Campos (Brazil)
12 sessiontwelve  Lobanovsky (Ukrainian)
Ser. session Name and nationality Image
13 Thirteenth session Milan Machala (Czech Republic)
14 Fourteenth session Milan Machala (Czech Republic)
15th fifteenth session Vogts (Germany)
16 Sixteenth session Cesar Carpigiani (Brazil)
17 Seventeenth session Mohamed Ibrahim(Kuwait)
18 Eighteenth session Saleh Zakaria (Kuwait)
19 Nineteenth session Mohamed Ibrahim(Kuwait)
20 twentieth session Goran Tofazic(Serbia) 
21 Twenty-first session Goran Tofazic(Serbia)
22 Twenty-second session Jorvan Vieira (Brazil)
23 Twenty-third session  Boris Buniak – (Serbia)