Dear visitors of the Kuwait Football Association website Mr. Abdullah Al-Shaheen Ahmed Al-Rubaie
(President of the Kuwait Football Association) 
Sending you a deep heartfelt appreciation your way today! We are proud to announce the release of the Kuwait FA website in its evolved form, where we stay up with the newest technology in terms of creative design and production. This website took into account the variety of media that Kuwaiti football fans were exposed to in order to keep them informed of all relevant events, including local competitions and other activities.
Our portal is designed to be the first media window for Kuwait football and to be the fastest engine to search and find highly sorted information such as the decisions and meetings of the Board of Directors, or the recommendations and decisions issued by the working committees.
On our new website, we are keen to broadcast the activities and events supervised by the federation or the working committees and cover them with audio and video as soon as those events take place. Our media team supervising the website is keen to publish many archival editorial materials with “high quality” images to highlight the great history of the stars of the golden age of the Kuwait national team, as well as highlighting the achievements and championships of our
national teams.
We are very honored as we invite you all to follow our website, and it is our pleasure to receive your suggestions and ideas, which will certainly be of interest and appreciation.
May God grant success.